The Team


In 1974 when he arrived in Western Australia from the UK Brian’s first challenge was to design and implement unique chemical and process solutions for the newly established Hospital Laundry and Linen Service, which was at that time the largest laundry in the southern hemisphere.

The complex stains, soiling and stringent hygiene requirements for clean linen created a complex set of requirements.

After 12 months of development the laundry was cleaning more than 110 tonnes of hospital laundry with an efficiency of 99.6%. This meant that only 4 items in a thousand failed to reach hospital standards.

Products developed at that time included a low temperature enzyme assisted powder for cleaning blankets. The product set new standards for blanket hygiene and increased the life of blankets by many times.

With over forty years of innovation, invention and design Brian has established a personal history of solving problems and generating new products.

Brian developed the first version of Claycrete in 1995. The chemical principals for the ionic stabilization of clay were well established but the methodology had not been refined for many years. The structural and cost benefits of being able to use stabilized clay as a void filler in road and runway construction would change clay from a problem to a very cost effective solution.

Claycrete was developed using the latest chemical ingredients and the results exceeded expectations.

In 1996 Claycrete II was developed to meet the demand for a road stabilization agent for tropical climates. Claycrete II was able to create a stable pavement in short times even in high humidity.

In 1997 Kalfoss was developed to offer the same stabilizing potential to limestone road base material. High density and hard surface finish reduced maintenance and fugitive dust.

In 1998 Zerosion was developed to offer a sand surface stabilizing product. To reduce the dust associated with large developments and reduce environmental impact the product was designed to be sprayed onto the surface of sand. The first trials were at the Kingstream site near Northampton which was cleared of all vegetation and had no protection from strong coastal winds. The trial was an immediate success.

From 1995 until the present day Brian has been involved in road pavement design, road design and runway design. The projects are too numerous to mention them all.


Born into a farming family (Calingiri, Western Australia), Doc Haynes learned much about the values and pitfalls of various soil types, including the battles with suitable and unsuitable gravel paddocks.

Doc learned first hand the problems associated with gravel roads used for wheat carting in and around the family farm and all around his neighbouring towns.

For the past 25 years, Doc, has been primarily involved in the Earthworks and Asphalt industries. Doc has experienced and learned much during his involvement with farm Dam construction, road building, driveways, tennis courts etc etc where he has been involved with the earthworks initially and completing the projects with Asphalting and/or spraysealing.

To name just some of the projects he has encounted:

  • Subcontracted to constructing the perimeter earthworks, carparking and foundations for the new Derby Regional Prison.

  • Kalbarri Tennis Court

  • Cataby Mines entrance road to accommodate the access of some of the largest and heaviest of traffic.

  • Subcontracted to the Fitzroy Crossing Medical/ChildCare centre.

  • Subcontracted to the Derby Medical Centre.

  • Recently commanded the construction of Taxiway/emergency runway at the Serpentine Airport.

  • Very recently constructed an 1800m2 helipad (using Claycrete) for the Western Australian Department of Fire and Emergency for the landing and lifting of the massive Canadian owned helicopter/water carrier which is currently assisting in fire fighting around the capital City of Perth and neighbouring country towns.


For the past two years Barry has enjoyed learning about the earthworks and asphalt industries in Derby and Perth under the guidance of the very experienced Doc Haynes.

Prior to this, Barry had primarily been in the banking and finance industry interspersed with owner/managing 3 Supermarkets and fish shop in the Goldfields (25 staff), owner/managing a franchise of the Bank of Queensland (6 staff) and 7 years involvement in the residential and commercial real estate market.

For all information regarding products and servies please contact Barry on 0418 935 494 or